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Kerry K has been an ascension guide and pioneer of heart consciousness for most of her life. Her greatest transformation came in what she describes as the “I remember who I am moment” where she experienced herself as one with All-That-Is; some call this state of being samadhi.

In this heightened state of connection to Source, she describes her experience as being held outside of the matrix, in a zero-point field of consciousness, stillness and presence defined that space and to this day, it lives inside her.

At that time, she recounts “I was in all-knowingness, the future and the past were laid out before me in a timeless stream of the infinite and my only perception was of the perfect harmony that all of creation was held in. At that time, I was aware of myself as the creator, creation and the created simultaneously. This expansive experience lasted a few hours and culminated in an inner explosion of light; as a massive pineal gland activation occurred. Following this, a second explosion, this time of radical compassion occurred, as head-heart coherence calibrated in her body, since then says Kerry, “it has created a place for me to remind others of the truth of who they are and to support them in experiencing the same field of consciousness.”

In that space I was reminded that I came from the future, to be here at this ascension point, to guide and to co-create the highest possible outcome for all humanity.

Kerry offers sublime guided meditations and transformational courses, all of which are available online at the Samadhi Speaks shop

Samadhi Speaks, it is the “I remember who I am moment” that we all long for.

It speaks to all of us but never in words, only in the resounding silence between them, and the soft pause between breaths.

It is the inaudible voice of creation sweeping through us, transforming us from the inside, reminding us that we are love in motion, and guiding us back to our once forgotten but eternally unconditional seat of innocence.

Samadhi, by whatever name you come to know it, beckons you to listen to your inner self, to tune in to the wordless silence of your own essence and once there, to recognise that you are the master who has come to take you home.

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