Embodying The Divine Self

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Set your world ablaze with Kerry K and Melissa Deehan.

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Embracing authenticity, living the magic, and other everyday miracles with Melissa Deehan and Kerry K

Melissa lives her authentic self, unapologetically. Be in her presence for a minute and you will feel her radiate raw courage; the kind it takes to be fearless in the pursuit of happiness. If ever you see someone courageous enough to get real with themselves and not care who’s looking, that’s Melissa Deehan, she is the strength within vulnerability; alight in the glow of that mastery that belongs to one who has not run from their shadow but embraced it for all to see.

Kerry K is an enigmatic experience; whilst showing you her humanness she effortlessly slips into the embodiment of the divine, as the divine. She operates in the realm of ease and grace, her signature compassion radiates into you with an unmistakable luminosity and before you know it, in her presence, you become aware of yourself as the divine. She oversees personal transformation and holds impeccable space for each participant to breach their “impossibles”, making them possible. A truly masterful light upon this planet.

Melissa will support us in opening a gateway to authenticity and from that place, Kerry invites you to come to a plane of experience that you cannot even imagine. You cannot imagine it because quite simply before the authenticity, it was not available as an option.

Melissa’s gift walks us out of the limitation of a closed reality encapsulated behind invisible walls. These walls, however, are locked from the inside and each person who becomes aware of them becomes their own key, releasing themselves from being entrapped and enslaved to a reality they are no longer compatible with, finally free.

Kerry’s gift leads us beyond the newly opened gates into what some would call a new paradigm but in ultimate truth is The Real Self. This new landscape is the birthplace of miracles, it is where we no longer seek to create magic but realise that we are magic. From the emotional authenticity so beautiful opened by Melissa, Kerry guides us to a spiritual authenticity and a realignment to the light of our divine selves. Many upon the planet were misled and misguided into a false light and with the grace of the Divine, we are now led to regain the divinity within, to live from the light of our divine radiant truth where we feel the universe flooding through us, not in a trickle but a free flow of omnipotent divine radiant light that floods every cell of our bodies lighting us up from the inside.

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4 reviews for Embodying The Divine Self

  1. Ineke Top (verified owner)

    Thank you, thank you for co-creating this intensely beautiful webinar last night. I enjoyed every second of and and I am still glowing and basking in the high frequencies that were downloaded … You and Melissa are such a great team … lots of Love and Big Hugs.. 💗🤗💗😍😘🌟⭐🌟⚘🌹⚘

  2. Aileen Fogarty (verified owner)

    I couldn’t recommend this enough. A real talking, mind blowing, mind expanding, intensive course where you’re brought to the source of your issues and shown/guided to implement the change. It installs the courage to implement the change, to understand we don’t have to accept & all that in 2 hours…….I wish it didn’t have to end. Epic!!! Thank you ladies

  3. Kristi Rue

    Wow… just WOW! I wasnt able to be on the live and now I understand why. I was experiencing a part of ME that I was holding in an unauthentic belief pattern. Thought I had risen above it. But now understand I needed to fully experience it on Sat. So many levels! I knew Monday would be the day for me to completly allow myself the time, space and vulnerability to take this leap! Wow!

    There are certain times, events and people that have such an impact on us. I can say in truth that this brought me to tears many times, for different reasons. It was difficult (thank you Melissa) that’s what I needed. But it was also very healing in its entirety to where I am personally. As Kerry K guided us into safety of all, Melissa guided us to our own truths. The truths that we hold just outside ourselves. Then they took us right back into forgiveness and love for who we truly are! (Big tears of gratitude).

    Working in complete unity of embodiment, Kerry K gently held the space for this truth and realization of our true selves. To re-engage our divinity and bring forth who we truly are. Experiencing the truth of it within, without any of the mental chatter! I can not express my gratitude enough and know this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship with ME! Thank you so very much!

  4. Jayme Williams

    Melissa and Kerry K are such a powerful duo. They held such beautiful space, guiding us to our heart centered truth and taking it to the next level of embodiment. Since taking this journey, new pathways have opened up for me and I have been stepping into them with confidence. I highly recommend investing in this extraordinary event and I really hope the Melissa and Kerry K plan some more events in the future! 🙂

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