Heavens Gate 2019 The Replays

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11 Events:

Heavens Gate 2019 – Opening Ceremony
John McIntosh: From Magician to Master
Susan Marie: Truth and Noetic Wisdom of the Essenes
Yukia Azorah Sandara: Embodying the Eagle’s Radiance Gateway within
Dr Nicky Hamid: The Spirit of Adventure in The innocence of Being
Jason Estes: An hour in the here and now with Jason Estes
Matthew Patti: Keys to Your Kingdom
Colin Joe Byrne: The Mechanics of Oneness
Dr Sarah Larsen: “I am” guided meditation Core Divine Spark Initiation and Activation
Round table discussion and Q and A with Nicky Hamid and Susan Marie
Kerry K: The Unknown Power of the Pineal Gland

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8 reviews for Heavens Gate 2019 The Replays

  1. Caryn McDonald

    I can’t rave enough about what I experienced at Kerry’s Heaven’s Gate event, it literally was life changing for me. If you asked me which talk was the most impactful, it’s difficult to say because each talk seemed to lead on to the next and the speaker that followed would take us to a whole new level. I have to say that I thoroughly FELT and enjoyed Susan Marie’s presentation, but each one was it’s own stand out event. I adored having the ongoing input of these speakers because it kept me in a high vibration for the full 11 days and I have purchased the replays so that I can go back for a “refresher” when I need it. Having my frequency elevated for this long is certainly an indescribably beautiful experience and worth more than gold. Thanks to all speakers and to Kerry K for bringing this event to my life.

  2. Amatraya Conrad

    I really felt elevated, as if each speaker was taking me some place different yet all in harmony and all exactly where I needed to go. I felt like they were speaking to me

  3. Dina VDW

    I must be honest, I didn’t think that I was going to be as moved by this event as I was. I have head many of these speakers before and wondered why I was actually paying for this when many of these speakers are accessible on YouTube. BOY WAS I WRONG! They all brought their A-Game and I was astounded with the level of inner transformation that I achieved simply by being present with them. Each conversation is a journey and one I recommend fully. Thanks to all for a life changing event.

  4. Greg Gabbrio

    When I chose to participate in this course, I wasn’t familiar with all the speakers but I trust Kerry K and her judgement and if she tells me that they’re worth my time, then I give it. I was blown away, loved every minute from open to close.

  5. Melissa E

    I only attended 4 of the speakers as at the time, I couldn’t afford the whole course. Just the 4 that I managed to participate in gave me enough to keep me activated for quite some time. I will definitely be buying the whole package as I can. The opening ceremony was a free giveaway and it started the whole thing off on a high note. I love Kerry’s meditation’s and really enjoyed the event she hosted, as well as the one with Jason Estes and Susan Marie (I’m sure the others were great too). More than 5 starts!

  6. Sue

    It was pure Heaven! Hence the reason I purchased to listen again & again to the profound wisdom and frequencies shared

  7. Jackie

    An incredibly beautiful and profound series of encounters and activations, great to revisit when the time has come to dive deeper still. Much gratitude to the wonderful Kerry and guests🙏🌟💚

  8. Jacquie

    What an amazing experience and being exposed to so many of the highest calibre speakers on one platform was something I have never seen before. What an absolute gift, the wisdom, love and insight was really inspiring and has changed me and my being and shifted my life irrevocably. Thank you Kerry and guests for all the effort and energy you put into this symposium, and the package that allows you to go back and re listen is so valuable, I get new insights every time. I really cant wait for the next one!

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