A Psychic Reading with a Difference


In a SOUL READING I share information with you about who you are in essence and what this life might be about for you, where you are going to and how to get there. I talk at length about your relationship to yourself and to those around you, helping you to decipher the deeper meaning in all of them. A reading offers guidance, insight and understanding on the various phases of your life and focuses on what you need to know right now in order to move forward with the most grace and ease. It allows you to reclaim your space in the cosmos and to truly step in to it.

What I DON'T Focus On

I don’t deliberately focus on predictive information but it often enters the reading in some form, because knowing what you are stepping in to can be very supportive in either making new choices or amplifying your current ones. We might therefore discuss a person entering or exiting your life, a career change to look out for a move to make, there is a lot that can be said for the benefit of “seeing” into your future but I never want this to be the focus of the readings.

What I DO Focus On

When I read, I enter a field of information that contains not just past, present and future but layers of consciousness that detail who you are in your highest and truest form. This is the focus of the reading because accessing these higher dimensional ‘layers’ of awareness supports us in understanding who we are becoming and to reach for that NOW. A soul reading is therefore a tool for ascension and spiritual growth that supports the releasing of lower density ideas and the accelerating of the light body experience.

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